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My New Recipe for Teaching AP Calculus AB

Upon opening the AP score report for this year’s AP Calculus AB cohort earlier this week, I knew the new recipe I created for teaching the course this past school year was a keeper. I did not feel the same … Continue reading

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Proposal for a Student-driven, Blended Learning based, Common Core aligned Algebra 1 Course

Yesterday, I attended a free workshop offered by Khan Academy (“KA”).  The workshop provided me with the opportunity to check out their latest functionality and soon to be released features, to listen to how a few power-user teachers have integrated … Continue reading

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Building a Riemann Sum Spreadsheet

With the second semester now underway, my AP Calculus AB students began their journey into integral calculus by exploring the Riemann Sum, named for the German mathematician Bernhard Riemann (1826-1866).  Herr Riemann formalized a specific application of the method of exhaustion pioneered … Continue reading

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