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Inadvertently Shortchanging Students: Angelica’s Story

Holding students to high expectations is not just for teachers. A Disrupted Morning Ritual As I counted off students in my fourth period AP Calculus AB class early this morning, I came up one person short.  My immediate thought, before … Continue reading

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Out of Balance: When Thoughts of Quitting Occur

Friends and Family: Please read this powerful post, Why I quit my teaching job mid-year, written today (11/25/12) by someone dedicated to education, yet, unable to cope a decade ago in an earlier teaching position, as it overwhelmed her. The comments, especially, … Continue reading

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A Minor Rant on the Plight of Public Education

Something troubles me deeply.  To what extent are we, as teachers, solely to blame for students not understanding concepts, procedures, or topics?  Or are we one reason, albeit an important one, among a host of other factors that impact student … Continue reading

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