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Law of Cosines: An Honors Precalculus Assessment Question

Background Last semester, I formally assessed my honors precalculus students via summative assessments fourteen times: ten quizzes, three tests, and one final exam.  Informal formative assessments occurred frequently and varied over time.  Formal formative assessments occurred once to twice weekly … Continue reading

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Mathematical Problem Solving and the Education System in Singapore

Singapore Math Prior to reading chapter one of “Mathematical Problem Solving” (Kaur, Yeap, Kapur, 2009) earlier this evening, if someone asked me what I knew about “Singapore Math,” I would say I knew nothing about it. [1], [2]  From perceptions … Continue reading

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Atypical AP Calculus Summer Work

Many AP teachers assign students summer work to complete prior to the start of the new school year.  Most AP Calculus teachers assign problem sets to reinforce prerequisite knowledge such as the following A.P. Calculus Summer Packet. For the upcoming … Continue reading

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