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Brothers from Another Mother: Management Fads and Educational Policies

A comment I made earlier today on Larry Cuban’s recent blog post titled Asking the Right Questions for Getting School-Driven Policies into Classroom Practice sparked the following post. ********************************** Since early 2009, when I started to pursue my new career in teaching, the many … Continue reading

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Is it Worth Being a Teacher?

Five years ago, I decided not to continue with my career in high-tech.  After twenty-five years rising, and falling, and rising again, through the ranks in my field, I decided to follow a growing calling to teach. Little did I … Continue reading

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You think you know what teachers do…

Valerie Strauss, on her The Answer Sheet blog at The Washington Post, often posts insightful perspectives on teaching that teachers and non-teachers alike should read.  Her latest, titled “You think you know what teachers do. Right? Wrong.,” written by a former teacher, now lawyer, Sarah … Continue reading

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