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Anthony Cody & Gates’ Foundation: Part 2

Anthony Cody stands head and shoulders above Bill Gates, both physically and figuratively, especially when it comes to understanding the teaching profession, public education, and student learning.  In part two of a five-part blog post exchange with the Gates Foundation … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Journalists Who Cover Education

Inspired by Anthony Cody’s recent posts that were written about in the New York Times, I wrote the following.  An open letter to journalists who cover education is towards the end.  Feel free to take from it to send to … Continue reading

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Kryptonite: A Student’s Predisposition Against Learning

Inspired by Bill Honig’s post titled Improving teaching and learning must drive efforts of reform, I penned the post below, my first for March since I have been swamped with student teaching, and ed school for the first two weeks … Continue reading

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