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Pedagogical Praise for Mr. Math Teacher

The recent vernal equinox brings not only more sunshine to my day outside of my classroom, but to the time I spend within.  The week after I set my clocks forward an hour, former students of mine started to descend … Continue reading

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Honored to teach Honors Precalculus

A little over a year ago, I outlined a curriculum for a regular precalculus course for use by two other teachers in our department.  I hoped to help better align student readiness for AP Calculus as prior students arrived deficient … Continue reading

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Howdy: A Brief Student Note

While I am still swamped teaching an accelerated algebra 1 course this summer, and unable to blog, I just received the following email from a recent AP Calculus student about their AP Exam score.  This student kept me on my toes … Continue reading

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