US DOE Promises Funding Cuts To States Who Miss Participation Rates Two Years In A Row, Contact President Obama Now!

Anyone with children in public schools in the US should read the letter from the US DOE at this blog.

It is accountability run amok, and borderline fascism. Bureaucrats just love to make threats from their bully pulpits, whether at local, state, or federal levels.

While monitoring some relevant measure(s) over time in return for receipt of federal funds earmarked for specific use is prudent, coercively mandating near census level approaches constitutes federal overreach, tramples on the rights of parents, and ignores less onerous, more effective statistical methods.

Is this what we want from our federal government?

Source: US DOE Promises Funding Cuts To States Who Miss Participation Rates Two Years In A Row, Contact President Obama Now!

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School Closures Remarks Put Clinton in a Bind

Excellent post by Anthony Cody: School Closures Remarks Put Clinton in a Bind

It appears the DNC nominee heir apparent has little idea about public education in spite of the NEA and AFT endorsements…what does that say about those organizations?

“There are few things more dear to corporate reformers than the idea that schools with low test scores should be closed. There are several reasons for this. On the ideological front, the possibility of closure (and the threat of displacement and unemployment for the teachers and administrators that work there) is seen as an essential element of accountability. One of the indictments “accountability hawks” level at public schools is that while failing businesses must go bankrupt and close their doors, “failing schools” can continue to function unless the rules force them to close. According to this way of thinking, people are not properly motivated without the threat of unemployment hanging over their heads.”



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2015 AP Calculus AB Fall Semester Outcomes

Ultra short post.  Posting results for my fifth cohort of AP Calculus AB students on the fall final exam.  The (nearly) identical final has been used all five years; one question was changed in year two or three.

2011-2015 AP Final Exam Stats

2011-15 Final Exam Histogram

Scores improved significantly on the final for this cohort.  I believe there are a variety of factors contributing to the improvement:

  1. I taught 80% of these students last year in honors precalculus,
  2. I created practice quizzes (with fully worked solutions) and tests to aid them in preparing for all assessments to include the final, and
  3. I lessened use of the “flipped classroom” providing more direct instruction before students engaged with their homework.

Net-net, I am pleased with the results for this cohort.


Updated post with following data addressing a reader’s comment re: relative distribution of former v. new students in 2015 results.

2015 Final Exam Histogram Former v New Students

I suspect that if I ran a t-test on the former v. new data it would yield a statistically significant improvement in many of these descriptive statistics.

2015 Final Exam Histogram Chart Former v New Students



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