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Brothers from Another Mother: Management Fads and Educational Policies

A comment I made earlier today on Larry Cuban’s recent blog post titled Asking the Right Questions for Getting School-Driven Policies into Classroom Practice sparked the following post. ********************************** Since early 2009, when I started to pursue my new career in teaching, the many … Continue reading

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The Matters Cartoon

I know the following cartoon has already made the rounds on many forms of social media.  I just saw it last night on Facebook.  It is hilarious!  To me, at least… At the same time, I believe too many of … Continue reading

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13 Jokes That Every Math Geek Will Find Hilarious

Reposting this from Business Insider.  Most of these are oldies but goodies.  My favorite is the one about Mandelbrot. 13 Jokes That Every Math Geek Will Find Hilarious WALTER HICKEY MAY 21, 2013, 5:38 AM Flickr via sloth_rider Back when the … Continue reading

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