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Pizza Pi Day

As Pi Day this year fell on a Saturday, I decided to celebrate it in every one of my five sections on each of the two block days encompassing them: Thursday (3/12/15) for two honors precalculus sections and Friday (3/13/15) … Continue reading

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“Send in the Drones” – My Anti-establishment Lyrics

My district mandates explicit direct instruction (“EDI”) as our sole instructional method.  While I applaud their desire to help all students, especially our underserved, low socioeconomic status students, their decision supplants a teacher’s unique, passionate pedagogy for a cookie cutter, “show … Continue reading

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Teacher Humor re: Differentiated Instruction

A comment made by CA Maestra to my recent post Brothers from Another Mother: Management Fads and Educational Policies included a link to a YouTube video that lampoons what some call a fad, while others are dead serious about the theory and its application. … Continue reading

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