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2014 AP Calculus AB Fall Semester Outcomes

Posting summary charts for the 2014-2015 AP Calculus AB cohort in a similar fashion to prior years.  The major difference in the post will be the level of commentary pertaining to the data.  My passion for blogging, and teaching, took a … Continue reading

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How to Use Your Whole Brain While Studying

Sharing a list on how to study from  The title is a bit misleading in that there is little discussion that ties in the concept of using your “whole brain” while studying.  Nonetheless, some will benefit from this list.  Even … Continue reading

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‘I would love to teach but…’

Re-blogging this from Valerie Strauss’ The Answer Sheet: I have experienced aspects of what this veteran teacher describes in her email to Valerie Strauss, as re-blogged further below.  Fortunately, mine are rarely as egregious as hers.  However, they are often … Continue reading

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