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Discussions about assessments in all forms, formative, normative, and summative.

An Algorithm for Assigning End-of-Semester Letter Grades

Assigning mandated end-of-semester letter grades to students is non-trivial. [1]  I refuse to constrain myself to a simple, cumulative percent score that automatically sets my students’ grades.  In my opinion, the accuracy as well as the precision implied in many quantitatively represented scores grossly … Continue reading

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Law of Cosines: An Honors Precalculus Assessment Question

Background Last semester, I formally assessed my honors precalculus students via summative assessments fourteen times: ten quizzes, three tests, and one final exam.  Informal formative assessments occurred frequently and varied over time.  Formal formative assessments occurred once to twice weekly … Continue reading

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2014 Honors Precalculus Fall Semester Grade Distributions

My first fall semester teaching honors precalculus finished on an up note in stark contrast to the majority of the semester.  I was unprepared for the onslaught of student and parental anxieties related to the course, especially students’ progress grades and/or … Continue reading

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