2014 AP Calculus AB Fall Semester Outcomes

Posting summary charts for the 2014-2015 AP Calculus AB cohort in a similar fashion to prior years.  The major difference in the post will be the level of commentary pertaining to the data.  My passion for blogging, and teaching, took a major hit about 6-8 weeks into the semester.  I am still recovering from the experience.  I will likely blog about it when I feel ready.  Now is not that time.

Final Exam

The following table shows that the most recent cohort scored similarly to the 2013 cohort on the final exam, which is good news.  Even better, the size of the cohort is nearly 25% larger.  This gives me confidence for the cohort heading into the second semester.

Fall Final Stats 2011-2014

The following figure compares this cohort’s distribution of scores on the final exam to the three prior cohorts.  While there are slightly less scoring at the highest end, the lowest end has diminished as well.

2014 AP Calc Sem 1 Final Score Distribution

Course Outcomes

Comparing end of course scores for the 2014-2015 cohort with last year’s cohort reveals a slight dip for scores above 70% with a near doubling of the percentage of scores between 60-69%.

2014 AP Calc Sem 1 Score Distribution

Comparing my ratings scale where end of course outcomes are classified as far below basic, below basic, basic, proficient, and advanced, it appears that student performance may not be as strong with this cohort, or it took longer thereby negatively impacting cumulative scores, hence ratings.

2014 AP Calc Sem 1 Ratings Distribution

Finally, comparing final grades for this cohort with prior year cohorts shows a comparable distribution to last year’s cohort, which is the most important given the similarity in pedagogy and policies for the two cohorts.

2014 AP Calc Sem 1 Grade Distribution


While scores shifted slightly for this recent cohort, their overall performance still places them in a strong position for second semester, as well as the AP Exam.  I look forward to working with these students this coming semester.

About Dave aka Mr. Math Teacher

Independent consultant and junior college adjunct instructor. Former secondary math teacher who taught math intervention, algebra 1, geometry, accelerated algebra 2, precalculus, honors precalculus, AP Calculus AB, and AP Statistics. Prior to teaching, I spent 25 years in high tech in engineering, marketing, sales and business development roles in the satellite communications, GPS, semiconductor, and wireless industries. I am awed by the potential in our nation's youth and I hope to instill in them the passion to improve our world at local, state, national, and global levels.
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