Rick Scott’s 2012 FCAT Rankings Show Poverty Matters

While poverty is not an excuse per se, one cannot ignore the significant influence it has over students’ abilities and performance. Any policy that ignores its role is unrealistic and does more harm than good.

Scathing Purple Musings

Ocala Star-Banner editor Brad Rogers remind his readers of Rick Scott’s ill-fated 2012 release of FCAT rankings by district, and he’s not attempted that stunt since. Scathing Purple Musings speculated that the decision was a strictly political one and a response to California governor Jerry Brown’s turn-down on high-stakes tests.

So why hasn’t Scott released the ranks again? Maybe it’s because the data clearly shows that poverty matter no matter how much you hold everyone accountable by tests. Rogers explains:

So how’s Marion County done in the two years since the Scott list, which cited 2010-11 school year scores? Well, based on the aforementioned DOE criteria, it fell to No. 45 in 2011-12 and to No. 50 in 2012-13.

Yikes! Our schools are headed the wrong direction. Yes, be alarmed, folks. Very alarmed. No matter how incomplete the picture, it’s still not a pretty one.

But wait … .


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