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More Cartoons on Common Core Standards

Originally posted on Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice:
One of the most viewed monthly installments of cartoons that I have posted over the past three years has been on the Common Core. Here is another batch that…

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Educator as Model Learner

Originally posted on User Generated Education:
The educator’s role has or should change in this age of information abundance or Education 2.0-3.0.  The educator’s role has always been to model and demonstrate effective learning, but  somewhere along the line, the…

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Rick Scott’s 2012 FCAT Rankings Show Poverty Matters

Originally posted on Scathing Purple Musings:
Ocala Star-Banner editor Brad Rogers remind his readers of Rick Scott’s ill-fated 2012 release of FCAT rankings by district, and he’s not attempted that stunt since. Scathing Purple Musings speculated that the decision was…

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