WordPress Math: Visitors v. Views v. Countries

Before heading out to take my son to his water polo scrimmage, I decided to check out my WordPress stats.  While I rarely have in excess of 100 visitors per day, I still am curious about how many visitors and views my site receives.  I especially like the country of origin detail.

While WordPress does explain the difference between visitors and views, it does not explain the oddity in the data they report below as of 8:45 AM; at least, I could not find an explanation.

WordPress Visitors, Views

By oddity, I mean the vast difference between visitors and views, which I used to interpret as one person* who visited the site and viewed thirty-two different pages.  Yet, if that were true, how did they manage to originate from the Philippines, Canada, and Vietnam as well as the United States?

* I understand that there is a lag between the number of visitors reported versus page views, per the WordPress documentation, but the data seem to reveal more is going on in their stats algorithm.

I am not bothered by it.  I am just curious.  Fellow WordPress bloggers, what do you believe might be the cause?


Six hours later, back from water polo, and errands, the mystery deepens…or there is a bug in the WordPress stats function today.  I’ll check later today to see if my single visitor visits any other countries while viewing more pages from my site.

WordPress Visitor vs Views 2 copy


***UPDATE #2***

Well, it looks like the WordPress stats function is working closer to reality now.  I wonder what caused the delay?

WordPress Visitor vs Views 3

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4 Responses to WordPress Math: Visitors v. Views v. Countries

  1. xiousgeonz says:

    Perhaps (just a wild guess) it takes less to be counted as a “view” an dWordpress has some way of discerning between botviews and “got here via a real link” views, and you had one “real” visitor and a host of bots.


  2. nalllak says:

    hey! I still don’t get it,but i would if you answered those questions:
    Let’s say i link my blog to my twitter. Is the person clicking the URL itself(without me notifying i posted something new) a viewer or a visitor?
    and what if i shared a post i published recently,as a tweet. what would the person be called if they click just that link? what if they read other posts,are they still named the same?
    thanks xxx


  3. I was relieved to see my question wasn’t in isolation. I can never quite get it straight in my mind since the numbers don’t make sense at times. Thanks!


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