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You think you know what teachers do…

Valerie Strauss, on her The Answer Sheet blog at The Washington Post, often posts insightful perspectives on teaching that teachers and non-teachers alike should read.  Her latest, titled “You think you know what teachers do. Right? Wrong.,” written by a former teacher, now lawyer, Sarah … Continue reading

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A Mathy Valentine’s Day to You

With Valentine’s Day arriving tomorrow, I decided to send the Mathy Valentine below to my students with the following query. Anyone interested in finding the area of the heart in this valentine? Think about how you might go about it…  … Continue reading

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WordPress Math: Visitors v. Views v. Countries

Before heading out to take my son to his water polo scrimmage, I decided to check out my WordPress stats.  While I rarely have in excess of 100 visitors per day, I still am curious about how many visitors and … Continue reading

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