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The Birth Of Calculus (BBC, 1986)

Wonderful BBC documentary about the independent discovery of calculus by Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz. What makes it most special to me is inclusion of the original texts from Newton and Leibniz, where we see, in their own handwriting, how their thoughts … Continue reading

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A Conference Call in Real Life (Reason #589 for Why I Became a Math Teacher)

This is a hilarious video that is spot on.  It reminds me how much I do not miss these colossal time wasters. It is amazing anything of value ever gets communicated in them.  Those of you who have not spent … Continue reading

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Disconnected Mathematics: The Whole is Not Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Originally posted on Reflections of a Second-career Math Teacher:
One of my calculus periods continues to struggle mightily while learning new concepts, especially if they need to recall prior knowledge, or worse connect it to the new material.  As an…

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