Notes of Thanks

Just before finals and the holiday break, I received a few thank you notes from students and a fellow teacher, along with several chocolate goodies.   These notes will definitely help me to rekindle my passion for teaching over the break.  I appreciate the goodies as well.  Now, I just need to accelerate implementation of my exercise program!

Ramon’s note, in particular, is especially touching as he is exactly the student I hope to reach as a teacher.  I mentioned Ramon briefly in my first post of the semester:  Inadvertently Shortchanging Students: Angelica’s Story.  Fortunately, he approached me before he dropped the course, which provided me with the opening I needed to persuade him otherwise.  I am so glad he decided to stick it out.


“I realize by looking at the scores on these papers, you may feel disappointed.  I sincerely apologize for not putting in the times to practice these skills and I’m not going to make excuses for why I didn’t put more effort into these practices.  But I do want you to know that I am extremely grateful for having you as a teacher, and sticking it out in your class.

Although my grade does not show it, I’ve learned so much from taking your class.  Not only have I learned a [bleep] load more than I ever thought I could even understand about math, I’ve learned so much about growing up.  You know Mr. Science Teacher always used to tell us that the teachers who you dislike the most were always the ones that taught you the most, and I got to say that I really didn’t like you those first two weeks.  HaHa!  But after the day you gave it to me straightforward, man-to-man, about me wanting to drop your class, it really showed me that you actually cared.  And I’ve realized that it takes a lot from you to teach us the way you do making the online accounts and creating the whole site with the videos and problems and stuff.

What I’m getting at is that I really appreciate what you’ve done for our classes and for me, because you convincing me to take your class was probably one of the best things that’s happened to me in high school.  So if you actually read this whole long [bleep] “note”…Thank You!”


“Thank you for always staying countless hours after school to help me understand calculus.  Thank you for being patient and reminding us students to be hard workers and to never give up.  I trust that you are doing everything you can to prepare us students for the next chapters in our lives and I appreciate that.  Thank you for always answering all of my questions (sorry, I know I have a lot) but on the bright side you’re helping me learn a lot.”  Sincerely, Rosa.

Mr. Science Teacher:

“I appreciate you because you hold your students to such high standards.”  Mr. Science Teacher on a “Thank You Gram.”

About Dave aka Mr. Math Teacher

Independent consultant and junior college adjunct instructor. Former secondary math teacher who taught math intervention, algebra 1, geometry, accelerated algebra 2, precalculus, honors precalculus, AP Calculus AB, and AP Statistics. Prior to teaching, I spent 25 years in high tech in engineering, marketing, sales and business development roles in the satellite communications, GPS, semiconductor, and wireless industries. I am awed by the potential in our nation's youth and I hope to instill in them the passion to improve our world at local, state, national, and global levels.
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1 Response to Notes of Thanks

  1. mrdardy says:

    Congrats on making it to the winter break. The next leg of the marathon is making it to spring break.
    Treasure those notes – I have a foot locker that over 27 years has been filled with various cards, notes, photos, etc. This is the sustenance that helps make ti through hard days.


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