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Revitalized by a Friend

Prior to the start of the new semester, a wise and dear friend of mine commented that he stopped reading my blog posts as it pained him to read about my struggles teaching; his wife is a special education teacher, … Continue reading

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Building a Riemann Sum Spreadsheet

With the second semester now underway, my AP Calculus AB students began their journey into integral calculus by exploring the Riemann Sum, named for the German mathematician Bernhard Riemann (1826-1866).  Herr Riemann formalized a specific application of the method of exhaustion pioneered … Continue reading

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Comparing AP Calc AB Outcomes

Given last year’s travails with my AP Calculus AB students, and a bumpy start this year, I grew concerned we might not complete differential calculus before the winter break.  Fortunately, we made it without a moment to spare wrapping up optimization … Continue reading

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