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Research? We don’t need no stinking research!

Posting my comments to Larry Cuban in response to his post titled “Evidence: The Case of the Common Core Standards.”  Larry shines a spotlight on the lack of research behind the widespread adoption of Common Core.  I agree with his … Continue reading

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Derivative Dance, Gangnam Style

Bursting onto the scene during my 3rd period AP Calculus class today, my inner choreographer connected aspects of differentiation in a unique and memorable way.  An encore presentation followed during 4th period.  Students seemed to enjoy my moves.  More importantly, … Continue reading

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A MOOC and My Math Lab Class

Today’s post title sounds a little like the “…walked into a bar” series of jokes:  “A MOOC and my math lab class walked into a bar…”.  However, it’s neither about jokes nor bars, unless one considers the bar (“‾”) , aka … Continue reading

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