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Foundations for Algebra Concept Map

I’ve spent all day creating the following concept map.  It depicts many of the arithmetic properties, operations, rules, and structures students must master to succeed in algebra; in other words, the foundations for algebra.  It is extremely busy, and too … Continue reading

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Anthony Cody & Gates’ Foundation: Part 2

Anthony Cody stands head and shoulders above Bill Gates, both physically and figuratively, especially when it comes to understanding the teaching profession, public education, and student learning.  In part two of a five-part blog post exchange with the Gates Foundation … Continue reading

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Multiple Pathways in High School: The Best Way Forward

Traversing through blogland today, I ran across a post titled “Texas Republican Workforce Commissioner: Testing is Choking the Pipeline of Skilled Workers” by Bob Sikes.   It referred to a posting on this topic by Diane Ravitch, and linked to … Continue reading

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