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Disconnected Mathematics: The Whole is Not Greater than the Sum of its Parts

One of my calculus periods continues to struggle mightily while learning new concepts, especially if they need to recall prior knowledge, or worse connect it to the new material.  As an example, when starting to explore integration concepts, students learn … Continue reading

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Graphing Functions: By Hand versus Using CAS…

A fellow blogger, one who welcomed me warmly when I started, posted the following today: “Should students learn how to graph functions by hand?”  His question is most intriguing.  My comments to his post follow.  If you have a special … Continue reading

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Evolution of Math Understanding: A Student’s Perspective

One of my AP Calculus AB students created the following drawing.  It adorns the outside of her course binder for all to see.  I share it with my readers with her permission. While “a picture is worth a thousand words,” … Continue reading

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