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It Gets Better

My tardy comments to a guest article placed on the Thoughts on Public Education website run by John Festerwald follow.  The article was posted in December 2011. ****************************************************** In the toughest time of year for new teachers, encouragement helps Posted on … Continue reading

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Garbage in, Garbage Out: The Circular Logic of Richwine and Biggs

The following comments were made to a rebuttal from Jason Richwine and Andrew G. Biggs titled: Are Teachers Overpaid? A Response to Critics. Ah, the fine art of pseudo-science; otherwise, known as economics. It must be nice to believe so much in … Continue reading

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Instead of Complaining About Teachers, Become One

Here are my comments to blog post by Shaun Johnson, who is an assistant professor of elementary education at Towson University [close to where I went to high school].   The title to his blog post, with an embedded link follow. … Continue reading

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