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Grappling with Grading: Part 1 – Cut Scores

Prior to starting my first semester as a teacher, I sat down to write the green sheets for my two courses: AP Calculus AB and Algebra 1.  As a freshly minted ed school grad, filled with progressive idealism, I chose … Continue reading

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Achievement as a Function of Effort – Reality or Myth?

While preparing to assign final grades for my three sections of algebra 1 students, I decided to see if their was any relationship between their classwork and assessment scores, where classwork used the average of eighteen different assignments and assessments used … Continue reading

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Third Time is the Charm…Or is it?

In my three algebra 1 classes this past month, students learned about parallel lines, perpendicular lines, and solving systems of equations using graphing, substitution, and elimination.  Of the sixteen school days available to cover these topics, we spent thirteen days … Continue reading

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