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Is Homework a 3rd Rail in Teaching?

The following are comments I made to Tom Whitby’s post titled The Homework Option Plan, which, in turn, addressed another, unnamed blogger’s post dealing with grading homework.  If someone could write a post about my comments about Tom’s comments, we … Continue reading

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Education Policy – Ideals versus Goals

As with all too many well-intentioned, but misguided, efforts, Superintendent John Deasy of Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) conflates management science with philosophy.  Hence, while his recently announced performance goals are laudable as ideals, something for which each district … Continue reading

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D&D instead of D vs. D

Anthony Rebora, managing editor of, posted the following as a topic for a discussion forum in Education Week’s Online Teacher Magazine.  My comment follows. Is Lecturing Back?  “In a recent, much-talked-about article, Harvard scholar Paul E. Peterson points to new research … Continue reading

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