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Mitigating the Myriad Mixed Messages about Math

The nature of doing and learning math, as experienced by students in any math classroom, is extremely complex and multifold, influenced by many factors inside and outside of the classroom.  These factors include: a teacher’s intrinsic beliefs established over a … Continue reading

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The F-word in Math Class

I surprised many of my students when I used the F-word in class today.  They started snickering and smiling unlike I have ever seen of them.  And, no, I did not use ‘that’ F-word!   But the one that beleaguers students of … Continue reading

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The Teaching Profession Must Police Itself

In his Living in Dialog blog, Anthony Cody posted an insightful reflection written by John Kuhn, superintendent of the Perrin-Whitt School District in Texas.  John wrote the reflection about his testimony before the Texas Public Education Committee earlier that day.  Anthony then … Continue reading

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