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Math is Inside of Everything

Just posted the following at a fellow blogger’s site after reading his latest post:  Wolfram’s Teachings.  Natural Language. “Timely post.  As an aspiring mathematics teacher, and current teacher candidate, approaching my half century mark, I reflected last night on how … Continue reading

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Why I teach…

Seventeen years ago this coming Christmas, I lost my brother to AIDS.  He was born on the same day as me, only two years later.  We shared birthdays, and birthday cakes, for 27 years.  We were close as kids, but … Continue reading

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Class Sizes Show Signs of Growing

Does Education Secretary Arne Duncan understand the cultural and socioeconomic differences between Japan / South Korea and the USA?  Methinks not.  Otherwise he would not use OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) developed facts to compare attributes of classes … Continue reading

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