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Welcome Back, Kotter, Circa 2010; Not As Funny Though

With swearing, kissing, hugging, joking, and meandering students coming to the fore throughout a geometry class I observed today, I could not help but suffer a flashback to a TV series I watched in my youth:  “Welcome Back, Kotter.”  The … Continue reading

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“This is why I hate math!”

Today’s lesson focused on solving simple linear equations where single variable expressions were on both sides of the equation.   The warm-up showed the following 2x+5=7            2x+5=7x and students were asked to state what was similar … Continue reading

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Serendipity in the Square

While sitting in the middle of the campus square, at my placement, at a lunch table under canopy, I waited for P4 to finish so the math department chair could sign off on my student teacher contract.  As I sat … Continue reading

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