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The Tyranny of Technology

Originally posted August 30th, 2010 when I was working with another Cooperating Teacher (CT) at another high school in another district. Having spent over 25 years in high-tech, I am definitely an advocate for technology, as long as it provides … Continue reading

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First Friday

Today heralded the end of my first week as a student teacher at my placement high school.  P1 and P2 flew past with a minor technology hiccup in P2 since the newly installed LCD projector in the classroom went on … Continue reading

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What did Tennessee?

…the same thing that Arkansas! That was my CT’s non-math question of the day for W/U; an oldie but goody.  The math in today’s W/U consisted of finding: 1) the domain of a rational function y = (8+x)/((2x-3)(4x-1)) and 2) … Continue reading

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