Tissue Paper Reforms: Coding for Kindergartners

Dave aka Mr. Math Teacher:

“Sadly, schools jump to new technologies like frogs on lily pads.” Great quote from a commenter to Larry Cuban’s post.

Originally posted on Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice:

Some school reforms are like rebar that have lasted for more than a century. Examples? The age-graded school and the kindergarten.

Some school reforms are like industrial-strength plastic-covered packages which cover new toys, computer cables and gifts. After the plastic sheath is pried open, it can be recycled and appears later as fabrics, fencing, and benches. Examples?  The New Math, New Science, New Social Studies of the 1960s and 1970s lasting for a decade or so then are recycled years later to reappear later as the New New Math, etc. ,etc.

Some school reforms are like tissue paper that, after one or two uses, shreds and is tossed away. Examples?  Coding for kindergartners.

'We     ... In class today.'

Why is coding for kindergarteners neither rebar nor unbreakable plastic but flimsy tissue paper?

Coding as a Tissue Paper Reform

Teaching young children to code (which may or may not be learning to program) reminds me of…

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Cartoons about Coding and High Tech for Young Children

Dave aka Mr. Math Teacher:

Great cartoons lampooning the current bandwagon of coding for all students…

Originally posted on Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice:

As a follow-up to the previous post on coding for kindergartners, I have selected some cartoons about the unceasing and ever-escalating demands of schooling young children and current efforts to use high-tech devices. Cartoonists have a special angle on a topic often missing from how policymakers see the world. And best of all, cartoonists make their points using either a sledge-hammer or an ice pick rather than the tools policymakers use such as words and dollars. Enjoy!


'I just wanted to thank you for grounding me to my room for the weekend. I took the time to start a computer programming company, which earned me $13 million.'


'We     ... In class today.'




If I learn how to write Roman Numerals, will that help me write computer code?




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Great Growth Mindset Video

Great, short video on Growth Mindset that I emailed out to all of my students a few moments ago.  I believe many of them think I am crazy for discussing this topic with them this past week.  However, I firmly believe in this concept, whether its called the Growth Mindset, the Power of Positive Thinking, having an open mind, or whatever…



Please watch the following, short video (3:06) about the importance of The Growth Mindset I’ve discussed periodically in class this past week.



Notice the words used in the video such as struggle, mistakes, challenge, strategies, perseverance, success, learning, growth, etc.

Mr. Math Teacher


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